About Us Wind Chimes Ville

Our enthusiasm for travelling and exploring newer destination was the very inspiration behind WIND CHIMES VILLE. Wayanad has been an A-list destination for anyone who finds peace and romance in the lap of nature, and when we found this place so close to the famous Banasurasagar, one among the most famous lakes in Wayanad, we knew that we needn’t look any further. The beauty of this place is in the harmonious agreement of all the five elements of nature- bhūmi, jala, agni (in the tickling warmth of the bright sun), pavan (tender and strong) and ākāsh. It is an ideal destination in Wayanad to sync with nature, just the way it is! Our vision is to offer our clients an opportunity to experience each of these elements to its fullest, quite opposite to what resort and homestays in Wayanad usually do, by disturbing the intricate balance of nature. One would bend down twice in humility after a single tryst with this place.